The revitalization of water is based on the principle of information transfer.

GRANDER® is the basic element of water nourishment. The active carrier designated as "informed water" in GRANDER® water-boosters is a water of high internal order and stability, manufactured according to the specific knowledge of Johann Grander. This information water is capable of transmitting natural information and vibrations to non-vivified water without coming into contact with it. Tap water is therefore naturally brought to a very high, stable and biologically valuable level of quality.

The particular properties of vivified water are transferable to all types of water. The invigorating is done by GRANDER® devices made of pure stainless steel, which are filled with this GRANDER® information water. These devices are installed either on the water line or directly on the tap.
GRANDER® water-boosting devices operate without electrical power, without chemical additives, and are maintenance-free and maintenance-free.

The transmission of information is done without direct contact. A realization that has made the circumnavigation of the world and is today used successfully wherever water flows:


Food & drink,
shower bath,
Cleaning & Laundry,
Gardens & pools,
Hotels & restaurants,
Wellness & swimming,
Animals & agriculture,
Commercial and food business, and