Well-being, respect for the environment, renewable energies (free) are our leitmotiv.

All our product range are selected for their uncompromising quality and come exclusively from France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria

We are helping to reduce the environmental pollution of air, water and atomic energy as well as the drift of the financial system.

We promote the protection of people from negative environmental disturbances, whether natural or technical.

The satisfaction and well-being of our customers is essential for us. As both our suppliers and our customers are our main partners, we want all participants to be equally rewarded for their work, their benefits because the good of all matters to us.

All our activities are governed by guiding principles of ethics and morality and respect for the environment.

We live and practice tolerance, respect for all cultures, all beliefs because for us everything is intimately linked, dependent on an omnipotent creative principle, what quantum physics calls quantum interdependence or non-locality. In this awareness the mind is above matter and directly influences it. Research of more than 20 years, especially at Princeton University in the USA, has demonstrated this unequivocally.

We are free thinkers and our team sees themselves as part of a new-founded enterprise, conscious that unconditional love is the principle of absolute LIFE.

We commit ourselves to a higher consciousness and behavior and strongly encourage the expansion of human consciousness so that individuals become independent again by becoming responsible for themselves.